• Image of Shaggy MF | a woodsy beard & ‘stache oil
  • Image of Shaggy MF | a woodsy beard & ‘stache oil
  • Image of Shaggy MF | a woodsy beard & ‘stache oil

Are you (or is someone you know) a shaggy mf?
Do you take pride in keeping your chin, cheeks or chops well coifed and manicured?

Well then, let's face it (see what we did there;)), the Shaggy MF Beard Oil is for you!!

"Shaggy MF" is a term of endearment,
a badge of honor,
code of conduct,
it's a way of life!!

So treat your facial-do with the respect it deserves!

Our beard oil is packed with skin toning (no more beard-druff), and follicle conditioning essentials. From the ultra moisturized softness to the super nourished shine, we've loaded you up on goodness. And let's be real, the aromatics of cedarwood, fir needle, and pinon pine are enough to make this a daily MUST in your morning routine!

Beards have graced the grins of men of honor for ages; from the boardroom to the battlefield, all the way to the backwoods. So join the legions before you in embracing this timeless tradition.

Groom and style yourself as you please. Apply this potent elixir to that handsome mug of yours. Then...

...get out there and do epic sh*t!!

You'll be glad you did.

handcrafted with: argan oil*, jojoba oil*, pinon oil (sunflower oil* + pinon pitch**), castor oil*; essential oils* of Virginia cedarwood, fir needle, juniper berry, and pine; rosemary extract*
(*organic, **wildcrafted)

*Choose from 0.5 fl. oz. (15mL) or 1 fl. oz. (30 mL) of oil. Product comes packaged in a glass dropper bottle.

All RHH products are handmade in a private kitchen in Historic Glendale, Arizona and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We always encourage you to do your own research of the ingredients if you are unfamiliar with this kind of product.